Harbridge, founded in 1994, is a Singapore based educational institution with an active interest to promote continuing education for both students and adults. The Harbridge school solution offers an all-encompassing E-Broadcast programme, promising to provide students with comprehensive training in broadcasting, deejay, as well as digital music. We also provide various avenues to showcase the students' ability, as well as for the school to showcase their achievements in the form of a professionally recorded CD Album that can be sold to raise funds for the school. Our innovative programmes will enhance the students' interest in digital media and will also help your school to fulfill the training demands placed upon modern schools.

Since 2002, more than 65,000 students had gone through programmes conducted by Harbridge Eduservices.

Our video on the overview of E-Broadcast, E-Music and E-Radio

Benefits of Digital Media, E-Broadcast & E-Music Programmes

Why do we promote Digital Media, E-Broadcast & E-Music programmes? Our Digital Media e.g. E-Broadcast & E-Music programmes develop a wide-range of skills sets, promoting holistic all-round development amongst students:

IT Training

Students learn how to operate state-of-the-art digital and computer equipment, developing important skills in this modern-day IT economy.


Music is vital in broadening the perspective of students, further emphasizing the tenet of broad-based learning. Students also benefit from the development of musical ability, as well as the interaction with music industry professionals.


Our programmes test the students' ability to present themselves well as newscasters, or to think on their feet during broadcast programmes, encouraging them to be creative with their responses!


Students need to be able to draft their scripts well, so as to capture the attention of their audience, and to present a professional image in front of a listening and viewing audience! The programme develops the language skills of students, through the writing of scripts and original lyrics for the songs.


To be an effective radio deejay or broadcast journalist, students will need to be able to communicate with their audience. Our programmes provide an avenue for students to practise and hone their communication skills in a series of fun and engaging activities!

Project work

Through the various projects, students will learn more about collaboration, communication and independent learning, which are main tenets in Inter-disciplinary Project Work (IPW).

Our programmes also build up students' leadership skills since students have to initiate projects and communicate their ideas to each other.

Team work

The creation of a project requires the collaboration of various groups of people, from the scriptwriters, songwriters, lyricists, music arrangers, to the sound engineers, video editors in charge of post-production processes.

Students will need to learn how to work together in order to create an impressive musical or video project!